Took Home 1st place in the AT&T CREATE-A-THON!

It all started with just an idea. An idea that was birthed last year as an assignment at UCLA in our Master's class for the professional: Acting for The Camera program. We had to do a mock pitch to producers but in order to do it, you had to have an idea or story. At that time, I had no idea that the experience I had a year ago would nurture what happened last night Oct 14, 2018. On October 2, 2018, I put that idea into a short film script and wrote it for AT&T's Create A- Thon. The Create- A -Thon was an amazing experience because not only did it challenge me, it opened doors in developing long lasting relationships. I just had a story and I wanted it told. We ended up winning 1st place in our screening room! We did it as a team! Some people on the team, I didn't even know and now, because of our similar creative minds will forever be friends! I want to say THANK YOU to my team! Associate Producer: David Kono David Kono, Visual Effects: Robert Trubiano Enkel VFX, Cinematographer/Editor: Mario Benjamin Colangelo, 1st Camera Assistant: Jessica Colangelo, Sound: Wendell Bennett, Composer: Tyler Rydosz, Stunt Coordinator: Darren Holmquist, Marketing Director: Sean Condron Lead Male: Louis DeStefano, Actor David Batchelor, Actor Alexis Christopher, Actor Meilee Condron

Without these beautiful souls, the film, "Fly Right" would have never happened. I enjoyed being your writer, producer, director and fellow actor in the film. I thank you for all your hard work, support and efforts. This is just the beginning! I love you all!