Welcome to my 'Book of Poems page!  When I feel inspired, I write poems another passion of mine.  In addition to writing poems,  I love reading poems as well.  When I was in the 7th grade, my English teacher had us all do a project.  The project was to research famous poets and to type up one of their poems that inspired us individually.  That is when it all happened, the love for poetry just continued to grow and now I write my own.  Enjoy!

April 28, 2019

Blood streams down my arms as my claws dig in the stone,

Beads of sweat cool my face,

My pupils are dilated and locked in full throttle,

Never looking back.

Each nail digs deeper as I climb higher,

My warrior heart never skips a beat,

Again my claws dig deeper and deeper,

As I propel higher,

No fear only risk, perseverance, strength.

February 12, 2019

The soft clouds tickle my nose as I pass through.

The dew quenches my thirst in the early morn.

The sap from the tall Pines lock my fingertips so tight,

Reminds me that I am alive!

It’s like lightning how fast it went

the thrill elevated me 10 inches!

As I float down from this mystical journey,

I see you behind your shades so tight.

I see the thick clouds still covering your nose.

“Come Down!” I say.

“It’s beautiful, tranquil and content here!”

Still you bask in the darkness behind a your shades

Clinging onto droplets of approval, desperation and vengeance.

Why? Why does your air lack oxygen?

I see you!

Step down one step!

Look me in my eye

And see…

You are enough!

Take the shades off and plant your feet in the sand!

Feel each grain scrap each wound away.

I see you.

The real you.

You without anything to prove.

You in the most joyous state.

A true human.

With love to give.

So step down off your pedestal.

Your more attractive you see.

Looking at you eye to eye brings me joy,

So much joy when your free!

Dec 24, 2018

The cloak was woven in green, red and black

So warm and inviting I may note

With tiny finger holes allowing the cool air to tickle my skin

You fit hugging every curve so concise from within

There was no need to replace you, my beauty

You took care of me my friend

However, your fate had to come to an end on that sacred eve night

You’ve changed from within

I could no longer carry you around me

I was feeling chills in my bones

So cloak you have been revealed

Sayonara, my dear. You have been a great friend.

October 29, 2018

Lost for Words.

Everything is in slow motion.

It’s a dance.

An illusion.

This emotion.

Silence but yet the air is so thick.

Your smile invites me in.

Your eyes light my soul.

I’m captivated by your mind.

I knew you before.

I knew you for a long time.

You embraced my heart.

You shielded me from the depth of tragedy.

I trusted you.

Now, it’s an illusion.

A memory from the past.

I can only feel what we had in the silence.

Different roads.

Different paths.

But our energy becomes one.

As for now, I have to set you free.

Therefore, my pain will ease.

So long my dear friend.

So long.

Sept 25, 2018

Running fast. Dodging bullets.
Streets in total chaos. 
Screams are never heard.
Nor the cries of babies and children.
Buildings crumble. Watch your step!  
Run! Run! Hide!
A little more further. Keep walking. Look ahead with no fear! 
Smell the clean air?
The long walk to freedom is worth it.
To be safe, to end the cries and smell of flesh burning.
We made it! To the other side! Let’s rest now. We cry.  
But wait! Your destroying my tent! My home!
Take it! Go ahead! I have nothing anyway. 
But there is one thing you can’t take away and that is my fight for freedom! 

— I dedicate this poem to all the refugees who have escaped from war in their country, genocide and those who just want a chance to have freedom.  

August 26, 2018

Through the deep tunnel into your soul I see
waves of warm energy extending like branches and holding me tight.
I’m flustered but elated to feel such comfort;
a safe delight.
Through the deep tunnel into your soul I see
endless fields of orange poppies swaying as fingertips from the wind comb my hair,
my fear is gone and awake I become. 
Through the deep tunnel into your soul I see my heals digging into the Mother Earth,
my chest rising with each deep breath as I feel the chains around my heart break. 
The sensation of my blood flows freely now like the rivers running free. 
Through the deep tunnel into your soul I see
a mirror and my soul staring at me.

July 20, 2018

Transparent like the dew in May on the Morning Glory,
Protected by your thin membrane you cling,
You shield yourself by your laugh; however, surprised, now your bubble drains.
Drains down below where that penny lies
Rusted on your backside.
Face up!
Fly Right! 
Rise up! 
And reach high!
Grasp to what you can't see!
Feel its warmth. 
Feel its rays. 
And seek within your wounded heart,
To that strength that saved you today. 
Now go!
Glisten on that Morning Glory,
Armored with love and faith.

June 13, 2018

Close your eyes

Take a deep breath

Feel your lungs expand.



It's over now.

Close your eyes

Hold your breath

Tears fall down your face.

It's not over now

But you try to forget

Your smiling face.


Oh Time

Heal me please! 

Do I wait?

or Do I believe my fate?

Close your eyes

Do you hear me now?

Do you see me in your sleep?

I'm just vision

One who has no face.




June 3, 2018

On top of the pedestal you stand

Clipping the wings off eagles as you fly

Passing each cry in silence

A narrow vision gleams from your eyes.

Do you not see me?

I'm not captured, I say;

But blocked by dull glitter

Reflected off your smoking mirrors

Transparent I do remain.

Wipe the soot.  Once, twice, three times

Smearing into the light I fade.

You've reached your heights

Alone you stand

Was it all worth it?  I may add.

Cushioned by clouds your caught

And given another chance by the Grace of God.

Try again, I say.

Open your eyes, ears and heart

Listen closely to the wind and breaking waves.

What do the song birds say?

Let the light of passion, love and empathy guide you

As you may soar again.


May 23, 2018

The delicate rose.

Each vibrant pedal interconnected forms its beautiful face.

It opens to give love, sympathy, admiration and joy.

Its heart shares a sweet fragrance that stimulates deep into our souls.

Staring into the face and feeling jolts of energy, smelling its gift all around, I begin to float with my eyes wide open.

The life it lives when apart from its whole only survives for a short time and when it dies we still remember.

Memories of laughter, tears, sweat, desperation, passion, sorrow, joy.

Blood shed with each thorn touched. 

It's worth every ounce of pain, prick and scar.

This beauty defends itself.

Strong, vibrant, victorious, erect with confidence.  Resilient.

Never underestimate the beauty or the power of the delicate rose.

May 22, 2018--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The sun beams with rays touching our skin

The wind blows and I hear you whispering

Lost in each moment I stare

Not knowing the time nor do I care

Your heart has another within its' pulsing blood

As do mine, my love

Surround yourself with the sea

And lie on the raft and let it be

Your safe my love

For I am the ocean, so full and deep

Be my raft, my love

 Sail with me

May 4, 2018 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Pierced in my heart with your arrow, I die

My blood drains as I break to pieces

Pierced in my heart by your arrow, I live

Now my blood rushes in ever so quickly

I have awoken from a long journeys nap

And now I see light through a different prism

A prism complex within its levels

And true to the soul it represents

My tears fall

Knowing I can only have you when my eyes are closed in thought

I'm paralyzed by this feeling

Frozen in time

For when I see you

That arrow pierces my heart